My dynamic films are more than just a highlights montage. Whenever possible I incorporate soundbites from the ceremony and reception (or rehearsal dinner) toasts to create a truly unique and moving experience. I love when couples right their own vows, it adds another level of special to the film. 

You're film is important to me and I will invest a lot of time into it. No cookie cutters or shortcuts here. Beyond the time spent planning and shooting your wedding, I will spend 30+ hours of post production on your film collection - logging footage, editing, listening and choosing music, listening and picking soundbites, mixing audio, color correcting, color treating, compression, uploading, authoring discs if included, etc. My films have a consistent look because I shoot and edit all of them. 

I am a longtime video professional and I come prepared for basically any situation. I have fast lenses for low light and long lenses for big churches/venues. I will have a close-up of your kiss, not just a wide shot from the back. I bring various mics, recorders and cables for various applications. I mic the groom inconspicuously with a small lavalier mic. There will be no large gaudy mics with cables hanging out of his jacket. I record clean audio from the church/venue/band/dj sound boards when possible.

My shots are in focus and intentional, no excessive focus "hunting" in and out. I know my camera and lenses and how to use them, and when to use each lens to achieve a specific look. I love to shoot natural, candid close ups of you and your family and friends interacting and the emotion these evoke. I see a lot of shooters who use a wide-angle lens with a stabilizer and call it good, no close-ups. And they are missing so many details. My focus is on the cinematography, creating beautiful emotion provoking images. I do have filmmaking tools like drones, gimbals, etc. and will use them on occasion when it makes sense, but the gadgets are not my focus. And honestly, it's easy to miss some great shots fiddling with such things. 

You can be as involved in music selection as you want to be. If you wish to share your wedding film online, licensed music is required and is included with each collection. Typically, I will chose the songs as a part of the creative process, influenced by your musical style preferences. However, if you would like to help in music selection you may browse the licensing websites that I use. If there are lots of great audio soundbites for me to use, many times I will use an instrumental song, so that the soundbites aren't fighting with song lyrics. If there aren't great soundbites available, I will look for a song with lyrics. If you do not wish to share your film online you may chose any music. 

I am easy to work with. I get along with everyone. I am inconspicuous and work to capture you and your family and friends in your natural element without inserting myself into it. I don't pose you, I'm looking for natural, candid shots.  One mother of the bride commented she hardly noticed I was there, which I count as a success. I'm not there to draw attention to myself, but at the same time I like to have fun with my couples and I most likely won't refuse a drink if offered. ; )

There are a LOT of newcomers into the wedding film industry and no doubt you can find a cheaper service. But, I'm confident you will not find a better value or investment with the level of expertise, talent, and quality provided. I would love the opportunity to provide that for you. 


Jody Wickersham