Wedding Film Collections

These collections serve as a great starting point and can be fully customized to fit your specific needs. I call them collections because you receive three videos: the Wedding Film (as you've seen on my website), the entire Edited Ceremony, and the Reception Events (footage of first dance, cake cutting, toasts, etc.)

My philosophy is quality over quantity. You don't need a crew of average videographers, you need one great cinematographer who can capture the essence of your glorious day and that's what I can offer. Of course, you can add additional videographers as well and I would be happy to advise you as to when this would be helpful. 

Documentary Film

Full Day Coverage

4K Video Capture* 

Professional Audio

10-12 Minute Wedding Film

Licensed Music**

Ceremony Video

3-4 Cameras at Ceremony

Reception Events Video

Delivered on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Files

Rehearsal Dinner Toasts


Feature Film

Up to 8 Hours Coverage

HD Video Capture 

Professional Audio

8-10 Minute Wedding Film

Licensed Music**

Ceremony Video

3 Cameras at Ceremony

Reception Events Video

Delivered as Digital Files***


Short Film

Up to 6 Hours Coverage

HD Video Capture

Professional Audio

5-6 Minute Wedding Film

Licensed Music**

Ceremony Video

2 Cameras at Ceremony

Reception Events Video

Delivered as Digital Files***


*4K Video is superior to HD Video at 4 times the resolution. Future-proof your wedding footage with the best available video resolution. 

**If you wish to share your wedding film online, licensed music is required and is included. I will chose the songs as a part of the creative process, but also influenced by your musical style preferences. The films on my website are great examples of this process. If you do not wish to share your film online you may chose any music. 

***The wedding film and additional videos are delivered as high resolution digital quicktime files.  A lower res version of the wedding film is also included for use on mobile devices, tablets, etc. Traditional discs may also be provided for just $100. These are professionally authored and printed with custom artwork. This upgrade includes 1 Blu-ray and 3 DVDs.

The Wedding Film is more than a highlights montage. It combines cinematic footage with compelling soundbites (when available) from the day for a truly captivating experience. 

Many clients choose to add Upgrades such as Raw Footage, Rehearsal Dinner Coverage or an additional videographer. 


Additional Coverage | $100/hr |  after 8 hours | $150 |

Additional Videographer - Local- 4 Hours | $400 |   8 Hours | $800 |   Ceremony Only | $200 | 

4K Video Capture  | $100 |  Future-proof your special footage

CineFilm | $1000 | The enchanting look of vintage super 8mm film incorporated into your film

The Wedding Story | $600 |  Intimate interviews with the bride and groom edited into your film

Love Story Video  | $800 |  Perfect for announcing your engagement, or playing at your reception

Rehearsal Dinner Toasts-Local-One Videographer  | $300 |  Two Videographers  | $500 | 

Raw Footage  | $200 | All footage uncut with natural sound, see all of the footage that didn't make the film

Photo Slideshow  | $5/photo | Video montage of photos set to music

Blu-ray/DVD Delivery | $100 |   Your videos delivered on professionally authored and printed discs

Extra Disc Copies  - DVD | $20 |    Blu-ray | $50 |