My passion is capturing your passion.

Hi my name is Jody Wickersham and I absolutely love shooting film and video. You could say it's my calling, my passion. For me, it's an art-form and I love creating. I love fusing beautiful visuals with inspiring sound, creating something that transcends reality. It connects with the viewer on an emotional and even spiritual level.

I'd love to use my expertise, creativity and passion to handcraft a unique and artistic wedding film for you. One that will celebrate your love and allow you to vividly remember for many years to come all of the love and emotion and excitement you had for each other that day. 

I would be honored to be included in the most glorious day of your lives as a couple. For just a moment I get to experience life with you, your family and friends and be a part of your story. It's one of my favorite things. 

Jody Wickersham is an award-winning professional videographer & editor based out of Oklahoma City. He started Glorious Day Films in 2008 as another creative outlet. Demand from discerning brides quickly grew for this high-end, artistic approach to wedding films.


My style is simple and organic: shooter + camera. While shooting, my trained photographic eye is drawn to dreamy details and compelling images. I work hard and I’m patient for not just a good shot, but the perfect shot. My small and unobtrusive footprint allows me to capture natural, intimate moments. I have a minimalist approach to gear, so your wedding won’t feel like a reality TV show. At times I implement various tools for creative shots but I like to keep it simple. It’s easy to miss a fleeting moment when you’re fiddling with gadgets.

In post production, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, spending 30+ hours on each wedding film. That includes logging footage, editing, sound sweetening, audio mixing, listening to a plethora of songs to find the right one, color correction, color treatment, etc.

When you choose Glorious Day, you are getting a wealth of experience, expertise and creative intuition.


A film from Glorious Day is an investment that will pay dividends for a lifetime. A lot of brides make the regrettable mistake of not budgeting for video or not allowing enough for top tier work. You will never regret the money you invest into your wedding film. And many times spending a little more can go a long, long ways. Everything else you spend on your wedding will fade, including your memories. But I can help you re-see, re-hear, re-feel, and re-live it all in a special and glorious way. I want to help you have captivating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.